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All currency offers at HKUST

Currency offered Currency needed Info
5000 HKD 8.75e+06 IDR Info
5000 HKD 8.75e+06 IDR Info
1000 SDG 6000 HKD Info
500 CNY 600 HKD Info
5000 CNY 6000 HKD Info
200 EUR 1700 HKD Info
100000 BYR 500 HKD Info
1700 HKD 200 EUR Info
100 USD 775 HKD Info
260 EUR 2240 HKD Info
50 USD 430 HKD Info
100 USD 770 HKD Info
1000 EUR 8800 HKD Info
250 USD 1940 HKD Info
500 USD 4000 HKD Info
120 CNY 150 HKD Info
1070 EUR 9400 HKD Info
500 USD 3870 HKD Info
100 EUR 300 HKD Info
100 HKD 300 HKD Info

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Exchanging money without having to leave the campus.

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Check all available offers at a touch of a button, without having to go from store to store.

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If you need money, sell below the market price. Know that the currency is difficult to get, sell above the market price. You set the price.

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We charge no comission fees.

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